xR in China Continues Strong Growth: Head-Mounted Displays Revenues to Top $1 Billion by 2023

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Intense competition among vendors will be rewarded as consumer and enterprise use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality continue steady growth Greenlights Insights’ latest report, the 2019 China VR/AR Head-Mounted Display Forecast, 2019-2023, provides a deep analysis of the Chinese marketplace for virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR, together, xR) head-mounted displays (HMDs). Greenlight Insights forecasts strong growth in head-mounted … Read More

China VR/AR Head-Mounted Display Forecast, 2019-2023

China Virtual & Augmented Reality Head-Mounted Display Forecast,2019-2023 Greenlight Insights’ China market forecasts are updated twice a year to keep our subscribers ahead of trends in this business-critical market. For this forecast, we analyzed nearly a dozen interviews and over 160 metrics from 16 sources; including macro-level economic conditions, historical trends of the Chinese VR/AR market, historical trends of related … Read More

Virtual Reality Platform DPVR Sets Sights on IPO in China

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The following is part of our China Quarterly VR/AR Headset Forecast & Tracker, which includes forecasts, vendor market share, and insights about virtual and augmented reality head-mounted displays in China. DPVR, a virtual reality technology company based in Shanghai, China, is applying to go public and plans to raise tens of millions of financing to fund the company’s operations, research and … Read More

Realwear Does Real Work: AR Gains Ground in Enterprise

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Realwear has established a new partnership in the form of a pilot program with the State Grid Corporation of China, the world’s largest utilities workforce. The pilot involves the deployment of 200 Realwear HMT-1 headsets to maintenance teams in Shanghai performing hazardous “live-line” maintenance tasks, where the risk of arcing and electrocution is significantly high. Leadership from both companies emphasized … Read More

These Chinese VR/AR Startups Impressed at CES 2019

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The following is part of our Virtual Reality Intelligence Service and Augmented Reality Intelligence Service, which includes forecasts, data, and key insights about the virtual and augmented reality technology market. Arguably the world’s biggest electronics conference with over five decades of history, technology companies know that CES is the perfect place to exhibit their latest innovation. Although the total number of … Read More

The State of Location-Based Virtual Reality in China 2019

The State of Location-Based Virtual Reality in China 2019 This report includes forecasts, key metrics, and analysis of the use of virtual reality at arcades, entertainment centers, malls, cinemas, theme parks, and other out-of-home venues in China. Release Date: January 2019 $2,000.00Add to cart This study examines the Chinese location-based virtual reality market for the period from 2019 to 2023, … Read More