Upcoming Greenlight VR White Paper: Measuring Human Factors For Virtual Reality Experience Design

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Greenlight VR continues to engage market leaders in the emerging field of analytics for virtual reality in order to collaborate on innovative research. There’s one currently in the works, about measuring human factors for virtual reality experience design, sponsored by YouVisit and EaseVR, and written by our new associate Michael Mascioni. Stay tuned for the full release sometime next month. … Read More

Experts Say Uncertainties In Virtual Reality Legal Issues Pose Significant Risk To Future Growth

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Despite recent technological breakthroughs by hardware and software companies, the virtual reality industry is rife with unique IP, liability, and safety concerns. On October 21, Greenlight VR held the first in a series of webinars designed to address industry topics. An international panel of legal experts from Harbottle & Lewis (London, UK), YouVisit (New York, USA), and Robison, Curphey & O’Connell (Columbus, … Read More

Legal Insights for Business Executives and Legal Professionals

Greenlight Insights Insight Articles

Long-term growth of the virtual reality industry will require investors, corporate leaders, and entrepreneurs confront unique legal challenges, including intellectual property concerns, distribution and commercialization arrangements, and even potential virtual crimes. We have gathered an expert business and legal panel ranging from YouVisit (USA), Robison, Curphey & O’Connell (USA), and Harbottle & Lewis (UK) to provide a practical, prospective, and … Read More